Sunday, August 01, 2004

Thinx 9: Culture

Is it appropriate for the church to reflect popular culture; to stand still while culture flows round it; or to push against the current of the cultural tide as it travels upstream toward that from which the world flees?

Thinx 8: Church cleaning

Why is it so hard to find people willing to spend a couple of hours cleaning the church? Where is the gratitude for all that the church, and indeed Christ, has done?

Giving is an outworking of us being like God. He gives so that we have something to be generous with. God isn't a hypocrite; he has been generous too -- he gave his Son! And yet, we are so unwilling to practise what we are called to and enabled to do. Jesus let go of his rights and was incarnated. We grimly hang onto our rights and expect someone else to be the cleaner incarnate!