Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Thinx 10: Belief systems

Why is Evolution always touted as scientific? Science, that is the scientific method, is about forming hypotheses based on observations of the world around us, testing those hypotheses and proving them right or wrong in a process leading to a complete understanding of the thing observed. The Pythagorean Theorem is based on the observation of the nature of right-angled triangles -- the tests proving the theory are clearly defined and repeatable.

Evolution supposedly happened in the past. No one observed it. Its truth or falsehood cannot be tested. No one can verify that it happened as has been suggested and the way it is supposed to have happened has changed many times in the 30 years since I started high school. I heard on the ABC only yesterday that British researchers are now proposing that dinosaur extinctions occurred before the meteoric impact that supposedly caused their extinction.

I am thus unwilling to refer to Evolution as a "theory". It must remain a hypothesis until it can somehow be proved. To cling to it, to trust in it and to rely upon it as a true account of the beginning of all things sounds more like religion that it does science.

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Accidental Accademic said...

yay - thinkx is back...

I kind of agree...I tend to think of evolution a a belief system and is a faith and par with many religions...This doesn't mean it's not science. Creation science is the same as evolution, testing current hypothesis about something that happened in the past EXCEPT we have a faith which also tells us that some =one was there and who saw it all happen!!