Thursday, December 16, 2004

Thinx 12: Response to Crisis

Every time I weep before the Lord, every time I cry in pain to my God, every time I drop my wearisome burdens at his feet ... I worship him. How? Each act declares his worth, saying, "I come to you in my sorrow, for you have known grief and have carried my sorrows. I come to you in my pain, for you have known suffering, and know what grieves and wounds me. I know that I can speak my heart in your presence, for your knowledge of me is complete, your love for me has no limit and you listen without reproach."

Every act of dependency on God declares that he is worth depending on. Every act of trust in the Lord declares that he is worthy of trust. Every moment spent clinging to Jesus cries out to all who hear that he alone is worth clinging to, trusting in, depending on. This too is worship.

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Accidental Accademic said...

nice to see a new post!!

Some great words there...well worth pondering. Would you mind if I used some of them (anonomously)next time I was leading?