Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thinx 21: Growing up?

Ok, so I'm setting limits and actually obeying them, but what about all the stuff that doesn't get done because I'm in bed instead of staying up to finish?

I'm more able to deal with today having slept well last night, that much is true. But I'm still haunted by the knowledge that some things still aren't getting done.

I'm choosing to do the right thing (not necessarily the easiest thing or most pleasant thing). Trusting God to take care of the details is likely the next step.

[Our church is doing the "40 Days of Purpose". This post (and subsequent posts) reflects my reactions to what I'm reading and to the outcomes of actions taken]

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Jenna E said...

How are you all going, Sorry I spelt your name wrong Carolyn!

Hope you are all doing just fine.
I am good, i should be really tired because i stayed up till 2:30-3:00 knitting a scarf for my friend from church and then woke up at 6:30 this morning- yeah I knit! Cool hey!

How are the boys going at School?

Anyway, would love to hear back

TTFN and big squishy hug!

My church also did 40 days of purpose, Is that Called "Purpose Driven Life"?
I didnt get a chance to do it though, because i was doing my HSC (year 12 Exams)at the time.