Sunday, September 16, 2018

Thinx 105: Nireekshana Orphanage

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That’s how far apart two friends live. I’m in Perth and Rev Brenham Dake is in Tanuku, Andhra Pradesh, India. Google Maps shows the large swathe of Indian ocean between us but can’t tell us how to cross it.

Brenham Dake and his wife run Nireekshana Orphanage.

I came to know Brenham a few years ago through a mutual friend in New Zealand. We corresponded for a while and then I had the opportunity to meet him as he was on his way back from a conference in Tasmania. Now we keep in touch on Messenger. It’s a very poor replacement for face to face but it’ll do for now.

We talk about many things, pray for each other and seek to encourage one another. Where I can I contribute to his work and occasionally post on Facebook about the ophanage’s needs. Last (Southern) Summer I encouraged people to donate to pay for blankets.

This year I’m encouraging people to send donations for the purchase of a van to take the children to school. Apparently the children have been walking this distance. I remember walking to primary school as a child but that was a mere 2km. That they should have to walk 10km astounds and alarms me.

While walking is a challenge, what concerns Brenham far more is a very real threat of kidnapping. As he said to me a few weeks ago, “the other thing is security problem since the human trafficking is going on every where that makes us much fear. [B]ut we thank God for His protection all the way.”

The cost of the van they have in mind is $3000. So far they have raised $1200. If you would like to contribute to the cost of the van, please visit Brenham's FriendPay portal. Donations are given in Euros so you may want to visit an onlineexchange calculator.

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