Friday, October 21, 2005

Thinx 27: Love

It is easy to love someone who is lovely or lovable. If anything can test the mettle of love, it is when the object of one's love loses its loveliness and ceases to be lovable. Then most of what pretends to be love gutters and dies. Love that lasts only during Spring and Summer but dies in Autumn and Winter is not true love. It is like Fool's Gold: shiny, attractive and utterly worthless.

True love lasts through both good times and bad. It lives through and loves through all the seasons of the soul and of the body. It may not be shiny and attractive but its worth is incalculable, and blessed beyond all measure are those who share it.

For the rest, what was rushed and grabbed is now as last season's fashions. How many there are who take the cheap copies and reduced prices, who pay little and weep many times. Few, by contrast, who purchase the Designer version, weep over its exorbitant price, and are happy.

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Jenna E said...

Hello UB,
Its Jenna
I was just reading over some of your blogs and i found them pretty inspiring, please keep writing,
Please send my love to UC and the boys.
Lots Of Hugs