Monday, October 24, 2005

Thinx 29: Intelligent Design

If there's a difficulty with Intelligent Design it's this: which intelligence? God? gods? aliens from another planet?

There's more at stake than merely Creationism in the back door. To say "yes" to ID might also give credence to the claims of Scientology (maybe the Thetans are the intelligence) and of pagans (maybe the intelligence is that of the planet itself, or of Zeus, or Odin, or any of a large number of imaginary deities).

If I'm supportive of ID, it is a careful and cautious support. The ID bandwagon is not immune from hijackers.

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Jennifer said...

Bruce, I am so ashamed that I have not been over to check in with you! I'm sorry. I promise to be a better blog friend!

About ID: I think it has lots of problems, not the least of which you mention here. I actually think the truth has already been hijacked. The truth is that God and Science are not mutually incompatible -- they are one and the same. God created the universe, along with all of its laws, and those laws continue to sustain our existence. What the ID pushers put forth, however, is a bunch of non-science phony baloney. That's a shame.

Now, what's this about you being a female Goth?!